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ACAPELLA | Alex claire – Too Close

I don’t think I have ever posted an acapella before. However, you will want this. Be sure to check out the backstory via diplo…

“2 years ago i went to new orleans to produce an entire album (with ariel rechtsheid and switch) by Alex claire.. . it wasnt a good week because it was mardi gras and the saints just won the super bowl…. we started in the begining to work hard but we ended up eating a lot of mushrooms tripping out and walking around a freezing city, driving through fences, hanging out with girls, hitting dive bars i think we even drove to mississippi and slept in a car.. but album somehow got done.. we didnt hear much of it and then 2 years later “too close” became a big rock hit around the world.. still wierd to me.. some people have asked for the acapella and i uploaded for you guys today cause i just found it.. . have fun”

Alex Claire, Too Close Acapella Download.

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3 Responses to “ACAPELLA | Alex claire – Too Close”

  1. marcos Says:

    thank you !
    I was looking for this, long time to make a remix.
    thank you.
    my remix will be soon in youtube,
    I hope that you can see it

  2. Lore Says:

    0.0….he even sounds good without music

  3. DurtiCurti Says:

    It’s isn’t a remix without the artist permission, and label rights. Bootleg is more like it

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