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#RECORDPOOL | October 23, 2013 WFGC Free Record Pool

Free WFGC DJ Record Pool. MP3s. Serato.

Free mp3 dj Record Pool tracklist.

DOWNLOAD LINK (on our FB page)

WFGC Free Record Pool – February 7, 2013 Edition

FREE DJ mp3 record pool

Jams on Jams on Jams. Preview of the tracks below.

Free WFGC record pool preview


WFGC Record Pool – January 10

Jan 10 wfgc Free dj mp3 record pool

Preview of the tracks below. Download link all the way at the bottom. Some deep house, bounce, baltimore club, trap, moombah. All sorts of goodies! Share it with your homies.

Free dj mp3 record pool

Tomorrow night in Indy!

DJ Real Juicy with Rad Summer at the White Rabbit in Indianapolis.


Free DJ Record Pool – January 4

It’s been a while. Did ya miss me? I hope everyone had a great/survived NYE.

Jan 4 wfgc Free dj mp3 record pool

Preview of the tracks for this week below. Hit the download link and stop being stingy… share this post with your friends!

Free dj mp3 record pool


FREE RECORD POOL | December 4, 2012

Alright kids. Like we chatted about on fb earlier today I caught the flu late last week. Thats how come we missed the record pool. No fear. I still got tunes for ya…

Plus this Saturday night! Holler at me. I copped my sweater this afternoon for the party and I cannot wait to dust it off.

Ugly Sweater Swag with DJ Real Juicy

Preview of the this week’s release:


FREE RECORD POOL | November 15, 2012

New new. Lots of goodies.

Free DJ Record Pool

Preview below…

Tomorrow night! Rad Summer x White Folks Get Crunk. DJ Action Jackson. $1 Drafts. $1 Pizza. Red Cups.

DJ Action Jackson and DJ Real Juicy at the Locker Room. Peoria, IL.

Hit the FB event page.

Record Pool Preview! (We didn’t forget about the free tunes!)

free record pool mp3 preview


FREE MP3 POOL | Nov 9, 2012

Nov 9, 2012 Free WFGC DJ MP3 Record Pool Thing


Free record pool review tracklist


FREE RECORD POOL | October 12, 2012

Bang bang. Get crunk. Have a stupid good weekend everybody.

Free DJ Mp3 Record Pool for October 12, 2012.



FREE RECORD POOL | October 5, 2012 Edition

The third one for the week? Tracks on tracks on tracks… Of course it helps when Audio 1 and DJ Donkis both drop edit packs in my inbox the same day.

Free DJ Record Pool from White Folks Get Crunk



FREE RECORD POOL | October 4 Double Feature

Double Feature this week! Enough about the music… Lets talk about new gear! We just dropped these dope new snapbacks. Best news is we’re going to donate $10 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for each one we sell this month. Alternatively, if you hate snapbacks you can just give them money! Hit our Crunk4Cancer donation site: http://www.stayclassy.org/crunk4cancer

Hit the store!

WFGC Snapback

Free DJ Record Pool

Part 1

Free DJ Record Pool

Part 2

Free DJ Record Pool




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