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INTERVIEW | @paperdiamond x @goviaradio

Govia Radio (repping WFGC hard in this video with the black on black snapback on) recently caught up with Paper Diamond at Lollapalooza. They speak on everything you would expect. The current state of DJing, EDM, different cities. Watch it til the end though as Paper Diamond gives WFGC a shout out. Pretty much made my day.

Clinton Sparks Interview

Sort of a special edition of Mixtape Monday. Recently Clinton Sparks dropped his latest mixtape and spoke with our buddy Govia about what he does.

Clinton Sparks promo pic.

What do you look for when searching for club bangers?

There’s many elements that can qualify a song to be a club banger. Anything from its melodies to lyrics that everybody sings to the energy. The best part is when one song has all of the above. When people sing out loud & then jump their asses off to the same song, that’s a certified club banger.

What’s your ideal work environment?

When Raging? Packed venue full of people who came to specifically Rage & have an Awesome time.
When making music? Lots of tea.

What’s your definition of a DJ?

Someone that understands people, emotion & they have a good sense of timing. They introduce music to people & are not afraid to play something unfamiliar but that falls under timing. The right time will get people to listen. Knowing a crowd & being able to be give them what they want & what they don’t even know they want, seamlessly.

Being able to Evoke emotion even out of the one donkey that looks like he doesn’t want to be there.. (Btw -Why do those people even exist? Or that person who keeps looking @ you & motioning to convince you the party won’t be hot til u play that one song they want you to play, meanwhile the whole place is singing & wildin out. Tip: Stop the music, ask everyone if they are having fun & once the roar simmers down, say, well if u guys want to see what someone not having fun in here looks like, everyone look @ this girl & then point to her & drop “Move Bitch”. U know, if ur into amusing yourself like I am.

Favorite venues/ markets? What town is more awesome than you would think?

So many places I have gone that I didn’t expect much but I was pleasantly surprised. Toronto is a city that they just appreciates music. People of all different races just come together to Rage & enjoy themselves. I really like the people & vibe up there but of course, I LOVE my city of Boston & the party people there have become very open minded over the years & now understand what it means to Rage!

Clinton Sparks with his baby mamas.

How many baby mommas do you have?
Just kidding.

Man when I happen to see one of these reality shows that are just drama, fighting, yelling from these girls & makes me soo grateful that I am not a slut.

What are some Pre conceived notions about DJs that are false.

I’m not sure what any pre conceived notions are about DJs but I’m sure that some DJs definitely fulfill them. When I take pics & hang out w/ fellow ragers during or after the show, I do ooften hear people say thanks for being cool or taking the time out to chill & I think, I’m just as if not more thankful that you want to hang with me or take a picture & why would any DJ not want to do this & I’ve heard stories about some being very stuck up & wouldn’t do this. Idk man, I love music, l love people, I love smiles & I love my life….
Now I’m curious. What are some pre conceived notions??

How do you feel about the new fad of becoming a DJ?

Well the DJ has become the lead singer of the band & most people want to be the lead singer of their band figuratively speaking so it makes sense. I’m happy because I technically have been a DJ since i was 10 yrs old so to see that people really appreciate the culture is exciting. I’m not worried or lose any sleep over say a celeb or a newbie becoming a DJ. If they want to join the party, the more the merrier. People know what they like so I focus on being & making what they will like. Its no different than a kid wantiing to be an athlete because its cool or a way to make a better life for yourself. Anyone bothered by something usually feels threatened by it & I don’t just mean threatened that it may be better but that it may damage something that the person upset helped to build & if that’s the case, then worry about building it better & stronger.

What equipmemt and software do you prefer to mix with?

I use Serato

What’s your title on your business card?

What true rager has a business card? That’s not punk rock. ClintonSparks.com

What else are you trying to add to your resume?

Well I was nominated for a grammy this year for producing on Lady Gagas album so, going from nominee to winner is one thing. I am currently writing tv shows & movies & just signed an agreement with a major production co. In hollywood.
I pretty much have added everything I want on my resume @ some capacity but I, of course intend on making them all more prominent. I’ve produced & written platinum records, I am a host on E! News, I have a syndicated radio show in 22 cities, I have toured the world & performed from the Boston Garden stage to Wembley Arena, I have built million dollar companies, I’ve directed & starred in videos, I’ve worked with some of the biggest artist in the world, I went from living in my car to doing all this & most importantly, I make some people happy. Me asking for anything else would be pretty ignorant.
In my mind, I have as close to a perfect life as I could make for myself.

What do you do to stay relevant?

Stay presistent & consistant. Worry about everything, Pay attention & never take anything for granted.
Get Familiar.

Clinton Sparks' My Awesome Mixtape Vol 3 and Interview with Govia Radio.

1. Intro – Who Loves House,Electro,Hip Hop, Dubstep (Live from a Clinton Sparks Awesome Party)
2. Who Came to Mother F#ckin Rage – Clinton Sparks & Joker Inc.
3. Maximal Rattle – Tiesto, Rick Ross & Bingo Players
4. Who is Ready, Hell Yeah – DJ Chuckie, Tiesto & Showtek
5. All by Myself – Dubvision & Ludacris
6. Somebody Epic by Myself – Goyte, Sandro Silva, Quintino & Dubvision
7. Call me out of Control – Carly Rae Jepsen, Alesso, Sex Ray Vision & DJ Kue
8. If you’re trying to Rage – LMFAO & Ralvero
9. Night out with your Girl – Martin Solveig, Ludacris, A-Trak & Dadalife
10. We Are Young so Let’s have a good time & Rage – Fun., Pitbull, Dadalife, Hypercrush & Alvin Risk
11. Red Line (Got Me Started) Again – Wolfgang Gartner Feat: Clinton Sparks
12. Shooting for a Million Stars – Otto Knows & Rick Ross
13. Stars Come Out – Zedd & Heather Bright (Tim Mason Remix)
14. I’m Glad You Came In Time – The Wanted, Alvaro & Wale
15. Embrace Eyes on the Illest Chic Alive – Kaskade, Mindy Glenhill, Dirty South, John Dalhback & Wale
16. Watch You – Clinton Sparks (Clinton Sparks & Maestro Harrell Remix)
17. Where Have You Been – Rihanna (DJ Vice Remix)
18. You’re Gonna Love me Again – Nervo & Roscoe Dash (John Castro & Zroq Remix)
19. This is Love - Will.I.Am & Eva Simons
20. Spectrum Dream – Zedd, Fabolous, Jodeci, Mathew Coma & DJ Chuckie
21. The Veldt – Deadmau5, Chris James & J. Cole (Tommy Trash Remix)
22. Language (Let’s Drive) – Porter Robinson Feat: Clinton Sparks
23. Scream – Usher (Clinton Sparks Remix)
24. Rolling Stone T-Shirt – Dadalife, T-Pain & Cazzette
25. H8RS – AN21 & Max Vangeli Vs. Steve Angello
26. I Rave You – Basto
27. WTF – Nicky Romero, 50 Cent & Zroq
28. IDKurName – Clinton Sparks Feat: Mike Posner
29. In My Mind – Ivan Gough, Feenixpawl, Georgi Kay & Axwell
30. My Own Worst Enemy – Lit Vs. Clinton Sparks
31. She Hates Me – Puddle Of Mudd Vs. Clinton Sparks
32. Closing Time – Semisonic Vs. Clinton Sparks
33. Don’t Wake Me Up – Chris Brown (Clinton Sparks Remix)
34. Hey Love – Clinton Sparks
35. Nothing – Sander Van Doorn
36. Outro – The Inevitable Outcome
37. Catch This Flight – Clinton Sparks (Produced By Tha Bizness)

Crizzly Interview (Stepping with Troll)

Recently our homey homey, Troll, got to chat with our homey homey Crizzly. Here are the results…

So where did you come up with the name “Crizzly”?
*Awkward silence*

What is crunkstep!?
It’s what’s for breakfast aka hip hop + dubstep

Dopest show of 2012 so far?
Hard to say but I had a good time in ATL. Heard some real hood shit there. Florida was a fun trip. Met some awesome fans in Melbourne. Every date on the 12th Planet tour was dope too!

What can we expect to see of Crizzly in 2012?
Loud noises, cool shit, nonsense, bass, & more free shit

What is or has been your biggest inspiration musicly?
Good food and sleep

How did you come across White Folks Get Crunk?

For all who may not know who Crizzly is, you DEF need to check out all the links below!!!

Yea its old and I’ve probably already posted it, but I had to include a track!

Interview! – The Hood Internet

Recently our home girl Whitney caught up with ABX from The Hood Internet to chat about sneakers, bangers and cat videos

So how did it all begin?
It all started when Al Gore invented the internet. After that, a bunch of inconsequential stuff happened. Steve (DJ STV SLV) and I (ABX) were playing in a band together and decided to start throwing up some mashups were making on a website so our friends could check them out. Pretty soon a bunch of people who were not our friends were downloading them and we’ve just been building from there.

Where did the name come from?
The Hood Internet is a term used in the Cam’ron movie “Killa Season” to describe a minor character. (ed. note: I’ve actually never seen Killa Season by Cam’ron, but please believe I will be checking Netflix when I get home for it)

What gave you that initial push?
A love of messing around with beat making programs. Having MP3 blogs and other total internet strangers spreading our stuff gave us the push to keep making more mixes.

Who’s throwing the best parties at the moment?
At this moment it is 3:30 in the afternoon and I am stuck in an airport. There are no parties being thrown here, but there is a woman kind of getting into what ever she is listening to on her iPod. So at this moment, she would be throwing the best party.

What’s the best event you’ve played at/put on?
We’ve done a lot of different festivals in Chicago, and that’s always a great crowd and a fun a time. But I would have to say playing Lollapalooza a few years back is definitely a highlight.

Out of all the tunes you have, which one ‘never fails?’
We have a track mixing R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” with Major Lazer’s “Keep It Goin’ Louder” that is usually a crowd pleaser. People love singing along to part where Kels explains what happens after the show, after the party, and the hotel lobby. Though people tend to not know the third line to it. The sing along line is “clear the lobby,” in case you are at a Hood show and need to sing it.

When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out?
Watching cat videos on YouTube.

What advice would you give to up and coming DJs/Promoters?
If you’re going to refer to a song as a banger, try not to overdo it. The same goes to making requests to a DJ. Don’t request that we play should play some bangers right now, that’s kind of in the eye of the beholder. I guess this is advice for everyone, not just DJs.

If you could stage a rave anywhere, where would you choose?
The Moon!

What’s you favorite tune of all time?
It changes for me, but Queen and David Bowie “Under Pressure” is always in my top 5.

What are your favorite pair of sneakers?
Back in the early 90s I had a pair of the Nike Air Force 180 David Robinsons shoes which were the ones that had the pump on the side. Those will always be my favorite pair of sneakers.

Not familiar with The Hood Internet? Get familiar. These should start you off on the right foot.

The Hood Internet – World Of Swimsuits (The Cool Kids x Ford & Lopatin) by hoodinternet

The Hood Internet – Bass Like TV (Dev x The So So Glos) by hoodinternet

Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks (The Hood Internet Remix feat. Hollywood Holt) by hoodinternet

The Hood Internet – Slow John (Lil Wayne x Com Truise) by hoodinternet

DOSVEC – Glimpses Album, DJ Whatt interview

You know we have been highlighting DJ Whatt’s work under DOSVEC for a while now. He recently finished up Glimpses, his latest un-mixed mashup album. We asked him a few words on himself and the release. Peep game.

How long have you been doing the mashup thing?
Have always created mashups for my own personal use but as DOSVEC since 2009.

What gear are you using now and how have your processes changed, if any, from when you first started and were first learning how to create mashups.
I am loyal to Acid as the sequencer & Sound Forge to edit & master the tunes – over a decade with the same always just upgrade.

Whats your favorite non-mashup style music right now and do you incorporate that style into your music?
I really enjoy some silky smooth jazz with a red wine glass filled with SCOTCH.

What can I expect at a Dosvec/DJ Whatt show? Do you play all mashups when you DJ? And if you are they all your own mashups?
A DOSVEC show consists of all DOSVEC Mashups but the great thing is since i have the mastered files i create live mashups that will only be heard that night ;-)

How long have you been working on your latest full length release, Glimpses?
Glimpses took me 5months to create & the story behind it is a true on.

Favorite pair of sneakers?
Currently Adidas Marathon 10 – Ze Germans make some dope ISH

DIddy & Dirty Money ft Skylar Grey vs Grits “Ooh Ahh Home” (DOSVEC Mashup) by DjWhatt

Download Glimpses

Play-N-Skillz Interview, Coming Home Dance Remix

Whether you realize it or not you have heard a few tunes produced by Play-N-Skillz. These cats are Grammy winners after all. Recently I had the chance to get in their ears a bit about some tough subjects such as production equipment, sneakers, etc. Check out the interview below.

1. What was the first piece of gear you guys used to make a beat? Don’t front. The very first, no matter how cheesy or corny it sounded. Mine was a Casio Rapman!

2. What was the first joint you guys produced that you ended up hearing on the radio, and what were you doing when you heard it?


3. Who was the first artist you worked with that really came as a surprise? Either because of who they were, outside of your typical sound, etc.

4. What was the last piece of gear you bought? I know a lot of our readers are big into producing.


5. Last but not least, what is your favorite pair of sneakers either in your closet or the ones you are still trying to hunt down?


Play-N-Skillz – Coming Home (Dance Remix) download

Mike Relm Interview, show this Friday in Chicago

If you’re in the Chicago area, hopefully you know about the show going down this Friday at the House of Blues. Should be epic. Zebo, Tittsworth, Dani Deahl, Willy Joy and Mike Relm. Check out the facebook event here.

We have a pair of tickets to give away for this show as well.

To Enter!
1. Get on facebook and like WFGC
2. Use the cool @ feature including @White Folks Get Crunk and something about wanting Mike Relm tickets and you have entered
for your chance to win a pair. It has to become a link for us to know you’ve entered, so make sure you do it the right way!

How do you describe what you do when people ask? I’m sure people ask all the time what it is exactly you do.
I always have a tough time giving good answers to that question, mostly because I can’t just summarize what in one or two buzzwords. DJing and music production is part of what I do, just like directing, and editing video is.

It seems you have grown into a sort of new media creative renaissance man. Where do you find your roots. Music/Djing? or Film/Video-editing?
I always thought of music in a visual way, and vice versa. I guess you can say my roots are a hybrid of both, I just excelled at DJing first.

What sort of a balance do you have in your work routine between video and audio? Or has the line between audio and video pretty much blurred for you since you finished Spectacle?
The line’s been completely blurred, especially since my work includes my live show, commercials, and YouTube channel. They’re all related to each other in one way or another, so it keeps my mind focused.

I have never been to one of your live shows. I’ve seen a few quick clips on youtube. What exactly should I expect seeing you live for the first time?
My live show is very different from what you see on YouTube. I’ve seen a lot of those clips and most of them really don’t capture what’s going on as a whole. It’s like that with any live show, seeing a recording of it just isn’t the same. Plus, my shows are a great place to meet people. I’ve met quite a few happy couples who told me they met each other at one of my shows. I met one awesome couple who’s actually getting married. I
think they had fun at my show.

Where did the suit come from?

On average what kind of hours do you put into one of your videos, for instance the Iron Man trailer?
It’s tough to tell, I just kept working on it until I finished.

Speaking of the Iron Man trailer how did the official project come about? What kind of gap was there between you finishing the original trailer and the studio contacting you about creating the official version?
I had uploaded the original to YouTube on a Tuesday, Jon Favreau hit me up that Friday. Things moved quickly with Paramount/Marvel since the film was going to be released within weeks. It was awesome collaborating with them.

Not sure I have seen a photo of your feet yet. I’m sure you probably have a few pairs of sneakers lying around. What is your favorite pair? Or better yet, what pair are you looking for?
I’m all about red sneakers. I keep it simple with some red suede Pumas or Nike Air Force One lows.

Check out these tracks from The Pitch.

MP3: Mike Relm, “Everytime (feat. Del the Funky Homosapien and Adrian Hartley),” Spectacle (Radio Fried Recordings)

MP3: Mike Relm, “Body Rock (feat. Morningwood and Gift of Gab),” Spectacle (Radio Fried Recordings)

MP3: Mike Relm, “Hot to Trot (feat. Alfredo Ortiz),” Spectacle, (Radio Fried Recordings)

MP3: Mike Relm, “Tron,” Spectacle, (Radio Fried Recordings)

Lets Talk about Girls, or Girl Talk Interview!

So what seems like ages ago now, a big festival called Summer Camp gets thrown around my way. Which is pretty much a massive hippie fest with a few oddball acts. This year there was Method Man and Redman, from what I heard the crowd was dissinterested in. Also this year Girl Talk returned for the second year in a row. I was able to catch the beginning of his show this year and I can tell you the crowd was electric. From what I am told it is the highest energy performance at Summer Camp. I also got the privilege of getting to meet Greg and sit down to ask him a couple questions before hand.

photo from the homey at http://sideburns13.deviantart.com/

How long have you been doing what you’re doing now? Making these mixed up party tracks.

Prior to the Girl Talk project, when I was like 15 or 16 I was making some experimental music in a band with lots of experimental chopping of tracks on a 4-track recorder. Skipping CDs that sort of stuff. I got my first laptop at 18.

Do you still do the biomedical engineering work? How long were you Girl Talk before you spilled the beans to your co-workers?

I worked there for 3 years out of college. I always played with bands so it was kind of different; it was hard to explain to them what I was doing. The project started on a very small scale, playing at people’s parties and stuff. It picked up last year, I never told them, but they caught on. My old bosses niece and son have been to some of my shows.

How many cease and desist threats would you say have you received?

Zero. I believe in the fair use doctrine in united states copyright law
. I can definitely say I have never received a threat.

How would you describe your experience with the Feed the Animals distribution model? Do you plan on doing it the same way next time?

It was cool. It was like Christmas morning, we woke up and boom it was on the internet immediately. I make more off doing shows and really I don’t look at this as my career anyway. The idea was to see how quickly and efficiently we could reach all the people. As far as doing it again its really up in the air. Depends on what the future brings.

Is that your house on the cover? and is the yard really on fire?

The house is actually the parents house of the guy who did the artwork. We wanted to actually light it on fire, but it didn’t really work out.

photo from the homey at http://sideburns13.deviantart.com/

As an artist how would you describe the way you feel about music blogs in general?

It’s a very exciting time period right now. Its frustrating once you get to that level, everybody has an opinion, but its how it should be. The divide between corporate music and underground is really shrinking. There would have not been able to be a Girl Talk 15 years ago, maybe just on college radio back then. There is a lot of help with the blogs and peer to peer networks.
What software do you use to make your tracks? Or is that a trade secret?

Audio Mulch to perform and Adobe Audition to make the tracks. I’m always working on new stuff, I’m really into improvising on stage. Everything is isolated, the kicks the snares, each melody. I try to keep my tracks together for the most part. The fans like to hear the songs they know.

Where do you cut most of your samples from? CD, digital, Vinyl? Do you have stacks of vinyl sitting around at home?

D mostly. I have always had a lot of CDs. I do buy some downloads and Vinyl but generally most of the samples I use comes from CDs.

What kind of music do you listen to in a casual environment?

A lot of Hip Hop, mainstream Hip Hop. I’m constantly partying so sometimes I like to listen to something different. The oldies station in Pittsburgh is crazy, they even play 80’s. I listen to soft rock chilled out stuff too so I can get away from the party stuff all the time.

Best way for the fans to get the album if they don’t? How far away do you think we are from the next Girl Talk project?

A year or two.

OK I wasn’t sure if you were a sneaker head but I see you have some Jordan’s on so I have to ask, what is your favorite all time sneaker.

Yea I’m not really a fiend, but I would say the 7’s that were black, purple and pink with the little triangles on them. I had them when I was younger and just bought the remakes yesterday. I haven’t found a pair of originals yet but would love to.

The experience was definitely killer. I hope he comes back again next year. I wish I had a dope new unheard girl talk track to share with you, but I don’t. If you are unfamiliar with him, which I highly doubt you are if you are at my website, well check out this jam to get your teeth wet.

Hands In The Air – Girl Talk download

You really should go ahead and support the Girl Talk project and get the whole album which can be purchased for whatever you want.

LMFAO talks about stuff & things

Yours truly got the chance to have a chat with the one and only LMFAO last week. These guys have been making some of my favorite jams now for the past few years and really were some big time influences on the whole White Folks Get Crunk idea. If their jams don’t get you crunk check your damn pulse. Anyway hear what they had to say about djing, miami, jerking, the new album, shades without lenses and everything else I could think to ask them….

So where are you guys at right now?
We’re up in the upstairs bedroom finishing up mastering our album right now. Its due to the label by 6.

Repping Miami pretty hard in your track, I’m sure you have now been there more than a few times…..I saw on your myspace you are from Hollywood, so what is the biggest difference between Miami and Hollywood?

The generic difference is like Miami, now we’re talking about South Beach. You’re going there and its still the tourism. You got all the fine ass women and party, college kids, but its tourism. Even back in the day though the rappers were all on that uptempo shit, straight up party music. Partying by the beach man, thats really where Vegas got that from, its all the Miami feel. And down in Miami its always hot, the weather isn’t the same, its even hot when it rains in Miami, real tropical. Hollywood I would say is more progressive in the style though. We walk around and its more normal there than it is in Miami.

What track, you guys didn’t do, gets you crunk in the club right now.
DJ Chucky T, let the bass kick. We actually have a remix/mashup out there with that joint, thats actually how we found out about it. But you know Riverside is hot right now. Really theres this whole new movement, bubblin’ I think is what its called. We just got back from Holland they have been on it for like 5 years now, they are tired of it. But like that Pitbull jam you know you want me it has that bubblin feel with the drums. Anything really with the claps (clap clap clap).

Oh like the clap on the bass drum?
Yea the claps on the bass drum. Also that jerkin, kinda hyphy beats. I really don’t know how to jerk, I mean I have like one move down but I really don’t have the whole thing down.

Come on Foo you know you can jerk.

I also am starting to get into the dubstep movement. Its dope sounds dope but its kinda like most the dubstep records I’ve heard are kind of missing something. I need to really dig into it more though. We haven’t really been djing because we have all the artist shows right now, but after the album we will be doing more djing so I will need to dig into the dubstep before that.

Do you guys work on your own beats? What Kind of gear do you use?
Yea, Abelton. Like strictly abelton, everything, vocals, mastered, mixing we do it all in there. We do it all right here in this same room. We have been running around doing vocals elsewhere lately, like we will vibe with Lil Jon on a track so we go get in the big studio with him, but for the most part we do it all right here.

You guys have a super crazy dope style you have come up with, much respect to doing your own thing. I love wearing the loud colors myself. Where did the glasses without the lenses come from?
We kinda invented that down in miami, wearing shades in the club. Its cool you know the drug dealers are doing it so we were on that cool shit. I thought I was with the right people, dancing on the floor with a bunch of people. Somebody grabbed me like, yo why you dancing with those fat dudes? Doodey, doodey doodey booty. I mean I was drunk too. But then I popped out the lenses and they were the white frame ones. The girls started to come up after that like ‘yo those are dope’ and wanting to rock em in pictures so I knew we were onto something. When the chicks love it you are really onto something there.

OK one last question on the fashion tip, 9 times out of 10 what kind of sneaker will you rock?
Yea, this Red Foo, I only wear Vans, I rocked some K Swiss to play ball in the other day, but really they were even lowtops. We grew up in LA around, close to where the Z Boys movie took place. I been rocking vans ever sense.

I been rocking chucks since I was 5 but really rock the vans all the time now too. We also got the Party Rock shoes coming up, so it’ll be all Vans and Party Rock. But you know how it is eventually you will just rock everything you make yourself.

I know the album is dropping real soon, run down the details on that for us.
I just want to say that the Party Rock album is going to change the world. We are listening to it right now back to front mastering it and I’m real excited. More excited than I have ever been. The way we put it together is like the show. Kinda like how a stand up comic is going to go through his routine in a night. People really aren’t working on albums anymore, and the industry doesn’t even think they matter. They really were telling us not to worry about doing an album, but we had to. Especially out the gate like this we needed one for the history books. People are going to be like ‘yea we need this whole album’, you’re going to want to roll around to it, everything.

I really had a blast talking to these cats and can’t wait to catch a show one of these days. They even wanted to talk to me about White Folks Get Crunk after my interview of them which, of course, was totally cool. How about some LMFAO jams?

Rather Not a Whore (DjMkWst) DIRTY – LMFAO x 3-6 Mafia download shout out to DJ McFly for the hook up on this jam!

Boom Boom Pow (Risk One PartyRock ReFix) – Black Eyed Peas x LMFAO download of course the big homey Risk One hooked this jam up

Love Game (Party Rock Remix) – Lady Gaga x LMFAO download the new Gaga jam gets the super energy rework treatment from LMFAO

Paper Route Recordz Interview and Exclusive Joint!

OK I have been jamming that Huntsville music for a few years now, ever since that Lac’s and Prices first popped up on the BET late night show….what was that called again? Does that still air? (If anybody has “I Ain’t Got No Panties On, On the Dancefloor” do hook that up please!)

Anyway back on track….
These dudes have been making some big noise, especially in some nontraditional ways. Such as doing a recent mixtape with the one and only Diplo. The homey Noetik got a chance to holler at them and here is what they had to say!

1. How in the hell did you guys hook up with Diplo?

Our manager initially hooked it up, let Diplo hear our stuff and it just took off. We officially meet at last years SXSW.

2. Before that track with Diplo were you guys ever into the electro music scene or remix & alternative culture period?
I’ve been to a few techno clubs. lol. Actually we’re into alot of alternative music and sounds.

3. Where did the name Paper Route Gangstaz & Recordz come from?

Me and Mali Boi was at AppleBees one day and it just came to me. He was like “hell yea, i got an idea for the logo”…went home and he came up with the logo. And as far as the “gangstaz” part, we Gz…PRGz.

4. Can you breakdown all the current members of your crew and who does what?
Fo Sho. You have Mali Boi who handles most of the production, Jhi Ali, Gunt1/3 and Mata who make X.O., Big P.O.P.E. and myself Dawgy Baggz…combined PRGz.

5. I have been jamming your tunes for a few years now, like most people who are in tune to the internet music scene. What is the difference between Slow Motion/Paper Route/Block Beataz etc.

Slow Motion is where everything orginated from. Its where we learned to make this music and produce this sound. After some differences, some artist joined me to help create Paper Route Recordz. Block Beataz is the main production for both companies. And for the record Slo Mo still fam.

6. Who is the main producers in your crew? And where does your sound come from far as like the direction you guys look to go in usually?

Mali Boi is the primary producer. The sound just comes from our environment. We live in Huntsville, AL so its a tad bit different from a bigger, faster, more diverse city…but, the same shit goes on. We talk about our lives. We dont make music for any certain genre or crowd, we do music for our city. We tell our story.

7. How many albums have you collectively dropped?


8. What is the local scene like down in Huntsville?

Its HuntsVegas baby…jackpot city. Everything moving, everything all ball. You got a small city full of big dreams, talent and hustlas.

You guys constantly doing shows in Bama?

Several shows…My main thing is shows outside of Bama now though. I think after 8yrs its time to try and snatch the rest of the country.

9. Since you guys are working with a great management team behind you now what is the future of your career looking like? any deals on the table we can know first about?

We have a little something going on, we will see what ’09 holds. And yes, Dan “The muthafuckin man” Weisman is a great manager, none of this would be possible without his input. Shot out to Weisman.

10. Are you guys going to get involved in the whole blogging and twitter hoopla going on anytime soon?

According to our Internet Director that’ll be a part of the new PaperRouteRecordz.com as of now join us on myspace @ http://www.myspace.com/paperrouteenterprise

Be sure to check these boys out! And now the goods….

Grandaddy (Featuring Mata & Mr. Marcellus) download



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