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FREE RECORD POOL | August 9 2013

Free DJ Record Pool. Serato pool. Free tunes.

The tunes this time…

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 10.39.25 AM

Get the record pool download!

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WFGC Record Pool | July 11 2013

New record pool? Ok guys, last chance. I know everyone loves these. I see the comments and always get asked when the new one is coming. If you, yes you, love when I drop a record pool, then BUY ME A BEER. Last time nobody did, not a single person. I spend a ton of time on WFGC. You have no idea how many crappy songs I listen to in a day, just to weed through them and find the best tracks, most of which you won’t find on other blogs. I get you don’t want to spend $20 on a hat or $4 on some stickers, but the least you could do is buy me a beer. Best part, beer is crazy cheap in peoria! CLICK HERE! 

wfgc free record pool for djs

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 1.28.30 PM


WFGC RECORD POOL | DJ Timmy2Times – May 15, 2013

If you’ve been to Peoria you probably ran into T2T. He has just dropped his first record pool for WFGC. Be sure to leave your feedback on the crunkbook! And while you’re on facebook holler at Timmy on his page. Track list below.

DJ Timmy2Times first WFGC Record Pool!

free dj record pool


RECORD POOL | May 8, 2013

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Free Record Pool for DJs. May 8, 2013.

Tons of tunes this week to help make up for being gone for so long.

Free serato record pool tracklist.


FREE RECORD POOL | March 21, 2013

New tunes in the WFGC free record pool. Remember to tell your friends to join! Sharing is caring.

March 21, free dj record mp3 pool

Preview below

Free record pool preview.


Free Record Pool | March 8, 2013

Here is the cutesie cover thing.

Free DJ mp3 record pool

Here is the preview.

wfgc record pool

DOWNLOAD LINK (via our facebook page)

Free Record Pool | Feb 18, 2013

I just dropped the latest edition of the WFGC free record pool. Check it out, 15 new good music selections.

Free DJ Record Pool

Free record pool preview.


WFGC Free Record Pool – February 7, 2013 Edition

FREE DJ mp3 record pool

Jams on Jams on Jams. Preview of the tracks below.

Free WFGC record pool preview


WFGC Record Pool – January 26 2013

Jan 26 wfgc Free dj mp3 record pool

Preview of the tracks below.

TONIGHT! Afroman…

DJ Real Juicy and Afroman at Cam's Peoria


WFGC Record Pool – January 10

Jan 10 wfgc Free dj mp3 record pool

Preview of the tracks below. Download link all the way at the bottom. Some deep house, bounce, baltimore club, trap, moombah. All sorts of goodies! Share it with your homies.

Free dj mp3 record pool

Tomorrow night in Indy!

DJ Real Juicy with Rad Summer at the White Rabbit in Indianapolis.




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