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Crizzly Interview (Stepping with Troll)

Recently our homey homey, Troll, got to chat with our homey homey Crizzly. Here are the results…

So where did you come up with the name “Crizzly”?
*Awkward silence*

What is crunkstep!?
It’s what’s for breakfast aka hip hop + dubstep

Dopest show of 2012 so far?
Hard to say but I had a good time in ATL. Heard some real hood shit there. Florida was a fun trip. Met some awesome fans in Melbourne. Every date on the 12th Planet tour was dope too!

What can we expect to see of Crizzly in 2012?
Loud noises, cool shit, nonsense, bass, & more free shit

What is or has been your biggest inspiration musicly?
Good food and sleep

How did you come across White Folks Get Crunk?

For all who may not know who Crizzly is, you DEF need to check out all the links below!!!

Yea its old and I’ve probably already posted it, but I had to include a track!

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  1. patrick Says:

    this guy is fucking terrible.. liek hiphop+dubstep is cool rite??? no, go back to listening to the radio

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