Crunk Girl of the Month – March 2011 | White Folks Get Crunk

Crunk Girl of the Month – March 2011

Allow her to re-introduce herself…..


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  1. Name: Lindsey Renee
  2. Occupation: Check-Out Supervisor at Sam’s Club….I’ve work there since I was 19!
  3. Age: ugh, almost 26! Born 5-9-85!
  4. Hometown: Peoria Heights, Illinois.
  5. Most embarassing moment? I always suck at this question…how about last Saturday night at Crusens….I reallllly wanted to do the booty shaking contest for Too White Crew, butttt I don’t exactly have the biggest booty….So I went up there to say HEY I may not have that big of a booty but I can shake it!…Their response….Get the fuck off the stage!!!….In front of hundreds of people. Whaaaaa.
  6. What do you put on your hot dog? The only hot dogs you will ever see me eat is at Sam’s Club when I’m desperate….And I smother it in ketchup n relish to drowned out the hot dog taste!
  7. If you could have one super power, what would it be? To be able to hear what people are thinking! Boy would that have helped me along the way…
  8. Pet peeves? Haha. I’m slightly OCD, so I have a lot but my biggest ones are people who are late(I hate you!), stupid drivers(aka half of Central Illinois), and people who bite then spit their fingernails(may you become ill from fingernail bacteria).
  9. Scariest moment of your life? When I was 18, my boyfriend at the time’s dad passed away in the bedroom right above his. No joke, for the next year we had encounters with him….I guess you could say I was more creeped out then scared. I’ve had a pretty un-scary life :)
  10. Coolest dream you’ve ever had? I used to have reoccurring dreams about beating this girl up that I hated in high school….We were always at the school in different locations and I always kicked her ass! I’d say I had them once a month for a year!
  11. iPhone or Blackberry? DROID.
  12. If we met at the bar, what drink should I buy you? I’ll take a Coors Light AND a shot of goldschlager.
  13. Best drunk food? Frisco melt from Steak n Shake or LaBamba….I refuse to eat there when sober.
  14. What you got on under those jeans? Pink n black boycuts!

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Crunk Girl of the month - March

As always big shout out to Lindsey, this months model, and Vuji for hooking up the photos!

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3 Responses to “Crunk Girl of the Month – March 2011”

  1. Hoot Says:

    11. iPhone or Blackberry? DROID.

    Great answer. She’s a winner in my book!

  2. KW Says:

    These girls you guys pick are so average looking, it’s awful.

  3. d-izzle Says:

    seriously, i likely wouldn’t even hit on this girl if i saw her at a bar.

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