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Crunk Girl of the Month – July

Another big shout out goes to Vuji for hooking up the photography. Also anybody who wants to be a Crunk Girl email us (at) whitefolksgetcrunk.com!

Name: Lexi
Age: 18 baby!!!
Occupation: togo chick at famous daves
What is your secret talent? I can read minds.
What is your ultimate fantasy date? Battling a guy on the dancefloor, him sweeping me off my feet and we run away together!

Favorite guilty pleasure song? anything with a good beat, i love dance music (:
Pet peeves? When guys chomp on food…..disgusting!

Do girls fart? yes, and we poop.
Weirdest thing a guy asked you to do for him? first date, run away with him!

Girly-girl or tomboy? girly-girl!!! fa sho!!
If you had to live on gas station food, what would you eat? tornadoes (:

Coolest person to ever live? JESUS!!!
Can you put your fist in your mouth? If not, have you ever tried? i’ve tried and i cant do it….. sorry guys!



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  1. Walt Says:

    Please tell me Vuji came up with these questions….

  2. will Says:

    favorite singer????

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