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DJ Real Juicy – Live mix with Mario

Having some fun the other night at home. Its been way to long since I have dropped a live mix on thee ole soundcloud so here you go. In preparation for this Saturday evening at Insert Coin(s) in Vegas I used some familiar drops as transitions from the 130 to the trap to the moombahton. Enjoy and try to remember what christmas you got your first NES.

DJ Real Juicy at Inser Coins, Las Vegas

PS looking forward to meeting a ton of new cats this weekend in LV. If you’re down to party, buffet, or play dice and will be around this weekend shoot me an email me, us (at) whitefolksgetcrunk (dot) com. Also got the guest list thing popping off for Saturday so let me know how deep you roll.


3 Responses to “DJ Real Juicy – Live mix with Mario”

  1. TheSLEEPFiGHTERz Says:

    We’ll be OutHere! that’s if weDon’t get calledOut to L.A. *been diggin’ WFGCrates for a minute..#Welcome, and Thanks dj88…atl…SFz…

  2. DJ Real Juicy Says:


  3. Technicolor Says:

    I’m def going to be there to support. I love djing at insert coins!

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