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DJ Tech Tools: Record Pool Comparison Shopping

Our homies over at djtechtools.com hooked up this good article for comparing some of the most popular digital record pool services.

Curious to see how many of you use a service and if so what ones have you had good or bad experiences with. Let me know, drop us a comment or hit the poll.

What Digital Record Pool do you use?

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5 Responses to “DJ Tech Tools: Record Pool Comparison Shopping”

  1. Jimm Says:

    Hey I was hoping, do you mind letting me know where you found layout from?

  2. DJS Says:

    I say Digiwaxx for hip-hop and Serato White label, it’s free, and Zipdj for electro and techno. avoid my12inch, it’s ugly! and you can only download one thing at a time

  3. NickNack Says:

    Don’t forget about http://www.gigacrate.com ;)

  4. Jahben Says:

    Wha bout beatport mon?

  5. Dj Sam I Am Says:

    So far the Best Record Pool I have been apart of for finding an extensive selection videos is my12inch.com.. Their old school selection of videos are on point and they have a lot of hard to find videos. Not to mention they are on time with new releases of videos and audio..

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