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Electro Thuggin’ – The ReUp

Sorry for the delay on this. I know somebody out there asked for a reup of this a week or so ago. Here you are my friends! Check for the tracklist (at a legible size font) in the comments.

Electro Thuggin the Mixtape – DJ Real Juicy (ShareBee)

And of course one from the tape for everybody for good measure….this jam, well the original anyway, really brings back memories from the OG Club 1019 doesn’t it?
Throw Some Disco (Joe Medium Mix) – Rich Boy mediafire

I also need to give a quick shout out to my homey Tor who hooked up this dope WFGC art!

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One Response to “Electro Thuggin’ – The ReUp”

  1. DJ Real Juicy Says:

    1. Nasty Girls – Biggie (chew fu remix)
    2. 18 Dummy – Federation
    3. Clumsy – LMFAO (not fergie remix)
    4. Bojangles – Pitbull (Tyler Fedchuck mix)
    5. Get Low – Flo Rida & T Pain (dj luco b’more mix)
    6. My Love – Justin & T.I. (roctakon mix)
    7. 2 Step – Unk (dj morsy new mix)
    8. Pro Nails – Kid Sister feat. Kanye West
    9. Umbrella – Rihanna (VNDLSM mix)
    10. Club Action – Yo Majesty (1/2 alive mix)
    11. Throw Some Disco – Joe Medium v. Rich Boy
    12. Ayo Technology – 50 Cent, Timbaland & Justin (AV8 B’more mix)
    13. Get Low – Ying Yang vs. Mylo (mashup)
    14. Kryptonite – Purple Ribbon (Tyler Fedchuck Mix)
    15. Hustlin – Rick Ross (catchdubs mix)
    16. Can’t Wait – Mistah F.A.B.
    17. Candy – The Pack

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