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MIXTAPE | D.VELOPED – Work Party: 2 Weeks Notice

D.VELOPED quite his day job. Let’s party.

D.VELOPED - Work Party: 2 Weeks Notice

1. Workaholics Reintroduced
2. Praise Horsey (Lazerdisk Party Sex vs D.veloped Edit)
3. Skrillex – Ruffneck Bass (Relok Moombahton Refix)
4. I Wish I Was DILLONFRANCIS (D.veloped Edit)
5. Foster The People – Houdini (Refix)
6. A.Skillz – California Soul Remix
7. passionpit – Take A Walk (M Machine Remix)
8. Midnight In Rack City (D.veloped Edit)
9. Kool & the Gang – Jungle Boogie (Kovary Bootleg)
10. Kris Kross – Jump (TBMA Moombahcore Remix)
11. Masta Blasta Trapsta (D.veloped Edit)
12. Ludacris – What’s Your Fantasy (Flosstradamus Trap Edit)
13. Totally Recalled (D.veloped Edit)
14. Mercy (RL Grime Remix vs D.veloped Edit)
15. TNGHT – Goooo (D.veloped Edit)
16. Skrillex – Breathe (D.veloped Vocal Edit)
17. Subscape – Apple Candy (D.veloped Edit)
18. Say Yeah Like A G6 (D.veloped Club Edit)
19. MIAuk – Bad Girls (Switch Remix)
20. J. Cole – Work Out (OVERWERK Remix)
21. Work It Like A Piano Man (D.veloped Edit)
22. Bring Em Home (Outro)

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