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MIXTAPE | Let’s Twerk – Mörk

1. K&B – Ain’t No Woman Like Fabiola
2. Research – Day by Day (Psychemagik Remix)
3. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee – Straight Up
4. Monsoon Season featuring Miss Bee – Green on Blue (Moon Boots Remix)
5. Soho808 – Get Up Disco
6. Climbers – 2 Come Back
7. Wetty Bright – Slip & Do It (V Feels So Good Edit)
8. Holy Ghost! – Hold My Breath (Tiger & Woods Remix)
9. Björk – Human Behavior (Chris Lum Remix)
10. Future Feelings – Africa
11. Flume – Tropical Sun
12. Mörk – Birds
13. Frankie J – When It Gets Hot (Mörk’s Murder Rate Remix)
14. Virgin Magnetic Material – Goin’ For It
15. Fishing Vest – First Standard
16. Bondax – Baby I Got That (Justin Martin ESR Remix)
17. Youth Lagoon – Daydream (Mörk’s Epic Snares Remix)

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