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I’m So ICEY!

OK not another Gucci Mane post, no. This one goes out to one of the first DJ’s I ever got into. Probably about 10 years ago I had just got my first set of decks (crappy Gemini ones) and was all caught up in whatever I thought the electronic music scene was. I totally was a rap head and always will be a rap head, so maybe that is why I got drawn into the Miami breaks scene, particularly DJ Icey & Baby Anne. Anyway got a note from the homey DJ Icey the yesterday and I couldn’t even wait until Monday to throw these up. So here you have it folks a rare weekend post from the juice, but these should get you crunk for sure.

DJ Icey chillin

Rockin It (DJ Icey Remix) – Brand Nubian download

Give It All To Me (DJ Icey’s Boom Chk Mix) – Fresh Celeste & M-4 SERS download

Like DJ Icey?

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6 Responses to “I’m So ICEY!”

  1. Kool Karlo Says:

    I’m stoked you posted these. I use to spin funky breaks all the time. Think I’m gonna drop both of these joints tonight.

  2. skwash Says:

    great post. havent heard from icey in a while. just like karlo used to spin funky breaks too errrr…1998 when funky breaks were the shit…still are. thanks, keep on truckin.

  3. drop_sec Says:

    Boom chk Boom Boom, the sub drop in that M4sers DROPS! good miami bass shit

  4. Dj Shakyee Says:

    Good stuff Ice! Thanks!

  5. ACooksig Says:

    Icey, your track keep sounding the bass alarms, Keep it Rockin’

  6. Sidestep Says:

    always coming correct with them sick breaks!!

    mad props and respect sir =]

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