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MIX | Team Bayside High – Festival Booster V.1 mix for MTV Hive

MIX | Team Bayside High - Festival Booster V.1 mix for MTV Hive


1. Smookie Illson – Smoker’s Anthem
2. The Under – LBMY (Team Bayside High Gunshot Edit)
3. NEHON – Bolly World
4. The World Class Art Thieves – Watermelon
5. Hucci + GameFace – The Leave Are Brown
6. A Tribe Called Red – Trap Heat
7. Team Bayside High – In the Streets (Unreleased)
8. heRobust – Turn Ape x Team Bayside High ft. Hollywood Holt – Get Buck (Mixtape Edit)
9. C & C Music Factory – Make You Sweat (Team Bayside High Trap the Bass Bootleg)
10. Willy Joy & Team Bayside High – Hands Up
11. Plastik Funk & Tujamo – Who (Victor Niglio Festival Trap Remix) (Team Bayside High Horn Edit)
12. Basement Jaxx – Wheres Your Head At (Team Bayside High & Willy Joy Bootleg)
13. This Is Paradise – Benzi and Willy Joy (Team Bayside High Mixtape Edit)
14. Crookers & Digi – Stiaah!
15. WRKD – Verve x Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Team Bayside High Drank Edit)
16. D!RTY AUD!O – Internet
17. Shake It Maschine & Mr. Pigman – I Feel x Mykki Blanco – Haze Boogie Life (Team Bayside High Strobe Lights Edit)
18. Sonar Cousin – Velvet Rhino (Is It Soul)
19. Jakwob – Fade (Sane Beats Remix)
20. Nikes x Lefty x MoonDoctoR – $mokin Ha$h
21. Banks – Fall Over (Djemba Djemba Remix) (Team Bayside High Amen Edit)
22. Rustie – Triadz
23. Schlachtofbronx – Slowine
24. Schlachtofbronx – Slowine (Slick Shoota Fastwine) x BBU-Chi Don’t Dance (Team Bayside High All We Do Is Juke Edit)
25. Reso – When It Drop
26. Isley Brothers – Shout (Team Bayside High Summer Slam Remix)

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