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Single Ladies Shut the F&*K up – Tomb Crew x Beyonce

So my girl loves this Beyonce record and I finally love it too! Thank you Tomb Crew. Perfect mix of Beyonce, B’more, Pharaoh Monch, Brass Instruments, Breakbeats, and ‘Shut the Fuck Up’. Seriously this is the dopest Baltimore Club mix I have heard in a while. The Tuba or whatever instrument it is kills it, remind me of some old school N.O. Bounce jams and the crowd will be floored when they start singing to the Beyonce record and Pharaoh Monch comes in with “rub on your titties”. CLASSIC. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Single Ladies Hate Beyonce – Tomb Crew x Beyonce mediafire

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15 Responses to “Single Ladies Shut the F&*K up – Tomb Crew x Beyonce”

  1. Ayla Simone Says:

    When heard the beginning of this song I thought it might be cool. But I’m disappointed to hear the wordplay you chose. I don’t know why guys have to be so disrespectful to women. I am sick of hearing all these misogynist club songs. Not going to get played in my sets

  2. third Says:

    ::yawn:: right… Great track!

  3. mick Says:

    it’s very bad track!!!

  4. Jimsin Says:

    Tongue in cheek Ayla. Tongue in cheek. Tell you what, why don’t you give it a go and watch the sea of girls go crazy and then ritualistically rub themselves. You might even get some more bookings for playing some fun music, becasue that’s the point isn’t it…to have fun?

  5. to ayla simone Says:

    shut the f@ck up

  6. Ben Says:

    that track is terrible!!! id take it off if i were you.

  7. greezy11 Says:

    Have you not been able to find a different drum track yet!?

  8. Ayla Simone Says:

    oh please. Tell me you wouldn’t disagree with playing a song that blatantly disrespects your gender.

  9. Jimsin Says:

    You ever play No Scrubs?? Haha.

  10. Ayla Simone Says:

    I hope you are enjoying your misogynist existence…. i pity your ignorance

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  15. Brian Says:

    Any chance of uploading this again? Thanks!

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