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Stepping with Troll 1 – Cloud-D

What up people!
My name is TR0LL (see more info at bottom of post). I’m what you would like to call…a bass addict. There’s SOOOO many different genres out there that deliver that undiscribable sensation when you have low frequency wash over you. I personally will say that I spend most my time scouring the internet for these tunes that deliver my fix. and now I have been given the great oppertunity, curtious of WFGC, to share my discoveries with you!

I personally mainly focus on: Dubstep, Drumstep, MidTempo, and Glitch Hop.
There’s so much out there coming out so fast that I will do my very best to keep you posted on not only the new in Signed releases, but also the rare gems that can be found deep in soundcloud!

I would like to start my first Post on Cloud-D. I found this dude’s soundcloud after skiming through some Grassrooots merchandise online, and seeing they . This guy is a BEAST! Everything From Young Joc Thugstep, To slowed down glitch remix of Tyga’s hit, “Rack City”, Cloud-D delivers a low end like no other! Be sure to keep a look out for this guy!

Tyga – Rack City (Cloud-D Remix) (For some reason he didn’t have this setup to embed)


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