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Yo Gotti, Dorrough – Hood Bitch Fetish

Ok, I have been pretty much laying off of the posting the hood rap stuff. So let me get your opinion. Would you rather I start posting more stuff like this, or start a different blog that will be almost as awesome as this but only post rap songs? Let me know!

Should I start to post more rap music on WFGC or start a new blog dedicated to rap music?

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Hood Bitch Fetish ft. Yo Gotti – download

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2 Responses to “Yo Gotti, Dorrough – Hood Bitch Fetish”

  1. Dity Says:

    I’d prefer one site with just the best stuff you come across.

  2. Dub D Says:

    I voted for the uptempo mashers, however I don’t mind the hood stuff, just so long as it doesn’t swamp the front page!! Keep an even flow and I think it would be a welcome addition!

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